Turn Your Smart Phone into a Siren of Shame, For Free

Get e-mails + stats when the build breaks or when earning achievements
View build info and team member reputation, right here in realtime
Live tile updates or toasts on Win 8 PC's, tablets or Windows Phones
Build info in the notification area of your Android phone or tablet
Push updates, build history, stats on iPhones and iPads

And it costs absolutely nothing, even the apps are free

(if you want to pay us, there's always Team CI)


Skip the desktop software for your open source projets that use Travis, the Github CI Server, we'll monitor these builds from SoS Online.

Desktop App

Our open source desktop application monitors your CI Server. When the build changes, when teammates earn achievements or get reputation the software uploads build and user info to SoS Online.


E-mails include author, check-in comments, CSB, FSB, FP, and all your other favorite stats. Get them when the build fails, when it passes, or when users earn achievements.


Use our website as an alternate client you can check from anywhere. We'll show your builds and build history, users, user stats (like Consecutive Successful Builds), reputation, achievements: all updated in realtime.

Mobile Clients

We have native clients for every major mobile platform. You can check build status, view build history, get push-based realtime alerts, or view the competition's reputation.

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Create a Siren of Shame Online account

Either add your Travis owner/project; or

Download and set up our free, open source desktop client.

Then configure the Siren of Shame Desktop software to sync your build status.

When you hit ok and log on to this page you should see your builds

Finally install our app on your favorite smart phone or tablet