Q: Is this build monitor open source? As in Free? Or is it a siren that costs money?

A: Yes, yes, and yes. We offer a free, open source, rules based build monitor that's free to download. But we'd really like to sell you a cool siren that sits on your desk that lights up and plays audio when your build breaks. How frickin' cool would that be?

Q: Can I use the software without owning the USB Siren?

A: Absolutely. Even without the siren we feel it is significantly better than the out of the box build monitors offered by TFS, Team City, Jenkins, Hudson or CruiseControl.

Q: How do I get the premium unit?

A: We are currently unhappy with the sound quality of the premium units so we are not yet shipping them.

Q: Why do I care that it's open source?

A: Well, it's free. Beyond that if you find a bug you can fix it your damn self. Oh wait, that benefits us.

How about theoretically you could contribute new features if you felt like it and had lots of extra time and cared enough, which you don't, so never will, but at least you feel somewhat enabled? Nah, that's not a real benefit.

Maybe: it gives suckers like you the impression that we're wonderful communist loving people when in fact we're heartless evil capitalists. Damn, benefits us again. [note: Joe informed me that I just insulted like 100% of our customer base not to mention several powerful countries and that's bad for business and could lead to death threats. But frankly I don't feel that anyone will read this anyway.]

I know: it allows us to fool generous well-meaning companies that offer fantastic not-free software like wyBuild into allowing us to use their software at no cost. Damn, us again.

Ok, let's just leave it at free.

Q: How do I contribute?

Really? Ok, well we use distributed version control (Mercurial), so we'd be extremely happy if you cared enough to branch our code and submit patches back to us.